ONIBUS - ETHIOPIA / Worka Sakaro 200g

ONIBUS - ETHIOPIA / Worka Sakaro 200g

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Only available for Collection at Caffe Culture

Worka Sakaro

Location: Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
Process : Fully Washed
Varietal :  Ethiopian Heirloom
Altitude : 1,900m ~ 2,100m

Peach, Citrus, floral, Bright Acidity, Tea like

200g whole beans

Gedeb is one of areas in Gedeo Zone in Yirgacheffe. Gedeb area is most suitable part for coffee producing in Ethiopia, where there are coffee trees grown on 1/4 of the land. Normally drying takes 8 days, however, this lot slowly takes 12 to 15 days and creates complex and clean taste.