ONIBUS - RWANDA/ Nyarusiza Lot6 200g

ONIBUS - RWANDA/ Nyarusiza Lot6 200g

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Only available for collection at Caffe Culture

RWANDA / Nyarusiza Lot6

Location : Nyamagabe
Varietal   : Bourbon
Process  : Fully Washed
Altitude   : 1,700-1,900m

Kumquat, Orange, Black Tea

200g whole beans

Rwanda is one of the most important countries to us. We visit farmers and buy the green coffee beans there.

The Nyarusiza Washing Station is in Nyamagabe area, Southern Rwanda, where there is gently sloping terrain and rich water resources. Spring water is used for processing and this contributes to the clean cup.

Coffee cherries are firstly sorted as a day lot, and are eventually put together based on the similarity of the taste.