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Weight Match Pesado 58.5mm Portafilter Handles - Step by Step Guide

Weight Match Pesado 58.5mm Modular Portafilter Handles - Step by Step Guide Weight matching handles speeds up and simplifies a baristas work flow. If you order multiple modular handles from us, we weight match them as standard. This is the procedure we follow, we use lead free fishing weights and tissue paper to secure the weights ✨

Adjusting for your baskets is easy too and can usually be done using only tissue paper 💫 Pesado 58.5 modular handles are stainless steel in all the right places so they clean easy and don’t effect the coffee’s taste 👅

Pesado modular in stock now and suits most machines 🌟

If your portafilter handles weigh the same you can tare your scale with one handle while your grind in another ⚡️

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