Sage 58mm Competition Shower Screen

Sage 58mm Competition Shower Screen

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51.5mm Screen that fits: Sage 58mm machines, Astoria and Cimbali

PESADO has worked closely with IMS to create shower screens with a strong focus on high precision, consistency and durability.

  • Uniform extraction achieved by an increased number of conical shaped holes
  • Electro-polished surface of the shower screen and inside the holes which guarantees the smoothest possible finish and ensures minimum friction
  • These shower screens are not just for competition use, but will give your everyday coffee a competition flare both at home and in the cafe
  • Reinforced membrane shower screen with 200 µm filtering capacity
  • BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY: Caulking -The membrane is fixed to the body of the shower and the support disk by bending
  • PERFORATIONS: Ø 2,2 mm, 121 holes
  • DISTRIBUTION: Circular
  • COMPETITION PERFORATION: Relaminated and recalibrated
  • ELECTROPOLISHING: smooth surface with unmatched sanitary and non-contaminating qualities is obtained

Fact: Tests in independent laboratories showed that PESADO baskets and shower screens have the most consistent performance in comparison to other major brands.