SEY Enrique Merino LUGMAPATA L1, Ecuador - Washed 250g

SEY Enrique Merino LUGMAPATA L1, Ecuador - Washed 250g

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250g of Coffee roasted 19/02/23

Notes from SEY:

This is an interesting new variety from Lugmapata. This variety was discovered growing in a random coffee plot, isolated, and slowly, over the last six years, has been planted into a lot of its own. The cup profile and potential are very good, and developing this is one of the most exciting long-term projects we have been part of. In the cup we find yellow tropical fruit and bright citrus acidity.


L1 (Lugmapata 1)




1,700 masl


July, 2023


Hand-picked at peak ripeness. Floated. Held for 24 hours in cherry. Depulped. Wet-fermented for five days. Washed. Dried in the sun for five hours, and then in a mechanical dryer for three days.


Enrique Merino has become one of our main producing partners over the eight years we have worked together. In 2016, his farm, Finca Lugmapata, placed 3rd in the Taza Dorada (Ecuador’s national coffee competition), and in 2017, he won 1st place. Enrique is a very dedicated producer, and is meticulous when it comes to farming and processing his coffees. Along with striving to produce the highest quality coffee possible, Enrique has developed a coffee nursery that he has made available to his entire local community to provide training and education on how to start producing high-quality specialty coffee. Finca Lugmapata is a pleasure to work with, and we are incredibly proud to have the opportunity to present their beautiful coffees.


Several years ago, during one of our first trips to Lugmapata, Enrique told us he had purchased a sack of 'Gesha' seeds and planted an entire plot using seeds from that sack. It turns out the bag was a complete mix of random varieties, mostly Catimores (low cup score potential hybrids). However, as we walked through the lot, selecting cherries to taste at random, we discovered a cherry that tasted incredible, extremely tropical and sweet, and nothing like the other cherries, which tasted overly vegetal and lacked sweetness. We identified three more trees with the same profile and tied ribbons around them. Enrique has slowly collected seeds from those trees and planted a new lot using them. This lot is the first year of production from this new mystery variety. We have no idea what variety it is, but we have sent it in for genetic testing and will report back when we get the results!